Forum 1 – Solidarity

16.10. – 18.10.2015

‘In relationship to my practice, friendship is, at its most relevant in relation to a labour process: as a way of working together. (…) friendship as a form of solidarity: friends in action. Also, as we know, working together can both start from and create forms of solidarity and/ or friendship, which are therefore pursued as both condition and intent, motivating actions taken and allowing work undertaken.’ (Céline Condorelli in Mousse 32, February 2012)

Forum 1 was celebrating the importance of personal and professional togetherness. We approached questions with regard to collaboration: What can connectedness signify through collective ideas, activities and goals?


By Jeannette Petrik

As a member of Depot Basel’s Forum 1, organised in the context of Forum for an Attitude, I participated in the exploration of the theme of solidarity. Designers, writers, curators, musicians, and activists came together in open sessions consisting of talks and discussions.

However, it is a difficult task to try and capture what Forum 1 entailed – its open structure allowed for many thoughts to unveil, for personal and collective experiences to develop intuitively and for engaging and lively discussions to unfold spontaneously. In its simple structure, the Forum rendered its three days of activity complex and challenging. Therefore, I will not try to reproduce the event of Forum 1. Instead, I would like to share my thoughts on three distinct elements of the Forum in the context of this article.

The Feedback

Notes, reactions and reflections via email:

  1. A Feedback by Sebastian Marbacher
  2. Thoughts by Nektar Solomon
  3. Überlegungen by Lisa Ochsenbein

The Solidarity Contract 

The Forum 1 was an exploration on how solidarity, empathy, and friendship could become the base and orientation grid for our work, and on which terms it could to a certain extent replace the directions and values, which the prevailing – ultimately capitalist – reward system imposes upon creative practitioners.