Forum 2  – Visibility

05 – 08 November 2015

Forum 2 aimed to discuss creative practice as ambiguous, between socio-political action and the prevalent public display and the marketability of the designer’s work. How, where and with what do we need to manifest visibibility? Participants of Forum 2 experimented with the responsibility of action within the public sphere and they tried to imagine possible fields for action and representational spaces.


Litmus Paper. Design as the Medium
By Agata Nowotny

I was invited to the Forum 2 devoted to ‘visibility’ both as a participant and an observer. As a participant, because I have been active within the field of design practice for some time and as an observer, because I am trained sociologist and I could use my researchers’ tools. Therefore, my description and summary of what I saw is the combination of what I have experienced and observed. And, as such, have covered in a sort of ethnographic field notes. It is not a piece of solid scientific analysis.

The Feedback

Notes, observations and reactions via email:

A Personal Experience in Words and Images

By Harold Dede

As a professional who decided to retake his studies with a second Master, one that was about to come to an end,  I had a lot of questions on how to reintegrate to the professional field with a mass of work focused on theoretical inquiries, unconventional approaches and historical research of the problems of a mainly material and commercial discourse such as architecture. During an interview in Milan, I was asked: ‘How can you call yourself an architect if you don’t build?’

Postcards from Basel

After each Forum we collected the notes, which the participants had left behind. These postcards obviously have never reached their addresses.

Observing by Drawing

On the last day of the Forum, sitting around the breakfast table, which was – due to an exceptionally warm November sun – mounted in the middle of Voltaplatz, we asked the participants to keep silent for 10 minutes  while portraying the person sitting to their left. That is what they saw.