Forum 3 – Intuition

19 – 22 November 2015

Forum 3 was based on a series of workshops held in the summer of 2015 with class 3A of Basel’s primary school Insel. Designers introduced the children to the topic of design on various levels. They were confronted with visual, verbal and tactile techniques, and they learned to define tangible and intangible values for themselves and also to communicate these to others. Their thoughts and ideas were displayed during an exhibition, which formed, during Forum 3, a collective platform for adults and children, who explored, compared and discussed their notions on things and values.


By Postfossil

In reaction to the current political climate, in which more and more territories are marked with fences, we wanted to strengthen awareness for the people of earth as a collective. The idea of creating a world flag (see also ‘The Intermational Flag of Planet Earth’ by Oskar Pernefeldt) was frequently discussed within our collective. At the centre of these discussions was an examination of the term “Space Ship Earth” – first used by Henry George in Progress and Poverty: “It is a well-provisioned ship, this on which we sail through space” and made famous by Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth in 1969. An further important element for the thematic engagement with the workshop was the so-called Overview Effect, a term coined by the eponymous book by Frank White from 1987, in which he describes the view from space on planet Earth: a deep understanding of the connection between all life on earth, leading to a new sense of responsibility for our environment. We asked ourselves beforehand how a flag might look that does not communicate borders, but rather tries to overcome then; one that unites rather than excludes. For the workshop, we formulated a task description for creating a world flag. The approach to solving the task should come intuitively, so there were no regulations in terms of size, colour, form, or height of the mast. We arrived at Depot Basel with a variety of materials, formed ourselves together into a larger collective and got going. The only limitation was time. At the end of the workshop, a mast should be erected next to the flag in order for it to be raised – a vital ritual for a flag. Our young visitors are full of intuition, which we greatly enjoyed and tried to emulate ourselves as well. The feeling of having completed a theme within a group with lots of handiwork was very satisfying. Long live the act of creating and intuition!

Let them Paint!