Forum 4  – Knowledge

10 – 13 December 2015

Suitable situations for knowledge production: Maximum institutionalisation, total autonomy or something in between? Is the concept of school remaining alive as an idea of one static construct, or will it rather become a set of ideas, which could be continually invented? Are skills acquired through experience or is it education that matters?

Forum 4 was dedicated to developing a possible curriculum for design studies today. How can we understand materials and form? Will electrical engineering help us? Will we apply lessons of engagement and social life? Will there be specific buildings for education? Due to the recurring discussions about education, Depot Basel wanted to use Forum 4 to visualise, write and test what learning, skills and knowledge might mean today and in which form they can be applied.

Reflections 1

By Clara Vankerschaver

Define borders – Knowledge without borders

Being a good citizen

Knowledge taxonomy

Open craftsmanship

Being surrounded

Reflections 2

By Frederik Mahler-Andersen and Simon Mager

Dwelling on the subject of knowledge can seem like a daunting task in the scope of only four days. Nonetheless, this was the goal of the fourth forum held at Depot Basel last December. The idea was not necessarily to focus on finding pitch-perfect solutions, but rather to critically reflect on past and present notions of knowledge within a small group of around 15 participants, coming from different backgrounds and fields in art, design, architecture, and design theory, in order to develop possible concepts and ideas.

The Feedback

Notes, observations and reactions via email:

Don’t Expect School to Make you a Whole Person

Visual Reflections
By Orlando Lovel

For Orlando, making these collages was a way of digesting, processing and reflecting her experiences, observations and insights during the Forum 4.

Taking Notes

“There are no eternal facts, as there are no absolute truths.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche, in: Human, All-too-Human)

Handwritten notes are an instant and personally filtered projection of things told and knowledge shared. The notes of each individual reveal divergent perspectives relative to culture, education etc.; one is as valid as the other, each revealing a subjective and personal truth and none claiming to be absolute. Also at large we have to adopt a stance, an attitude, without thinking in terms of absolute truths.

Dissecting Curricula

Which adjectives, verbs and nouns (positive and negative) do we connect with schools and their curricula? Which ones among them would add to a positive environment of knowledge exchange and production and which ones should be banned? During the Forum 4 we brainstormed on these questions and simultaneously wrote down the keywords on large sheets of paper. Then we cut the lists into pieces and mixed and regrouped the terms to several “curricula.”

The New Schools

A Workshop on Possible School Models

Text and images coming soon!