Forum 5 – Tools

21 – 24 January 2016

Forum 5 offered a collective approach to the adequate means, ways, instruments and strategies for responsible action in the new scopes of design. Designers and non-designers exchanged their knowledge and their methodologies and explained the tools they use.
Workshop sessions were dedicated to the development of a card game (Quartets, Top Trumps), in which we collected the information generated during the Forum. The Quartets has become a glossary, our common tool and a display of current methodologies.


‘Which tools do you use most?’, we asked the participants of Forum 5. One of them, Gabriela Chicherio, chose her notebook and her brain; two tools, which certainly are not only valid for Gabriela’s work but can be seen as representative of many designers’ work.

What is in your Toolbox?

We listed and categorised the tools we use. The vast and on no account exhaustive list mirrors the multiple fields the Forum’s participants work and engage in, their manyfold aims and the diversity of the means they apply. A selection of the tools listed have found their way also into the toolkit, which has assumed a shape as a set of Quartets cards.

Designer’s Toolkit as Quartets

During Forum 5 – Tools we gathered the tools designers are working with today and classified them corresponding to their fields of application or natures. By drafting a cards game, which – once finnished – can be played as Quartets or Top Trumps, we definied a toolkit of a designer today.
A ‘family of tools’ or ‘tools group’ consist of 4 tools; percentages, hearts, dots and other indicate the ‘powers’ of each tool in several categories.