Forum 6 – Deadline

14 – 17 July 2016

Forum 6 – Deadline continued the dialogue about attitudes and contemporary design conditions. The Forum 6 took place at BWA Dizajn Gallery Wrocław, Poland.

Deadlines dictate the rhythm of our lifes. We pursue temporary jobs and work from several clients at the same time, we live from project to project, and are trapped in a permanent activism of juggling projects, applications, acquisition and self-marketing, accompanied by the fear of ‘missing out’ and of not being able to keep up with the horrendous pace of the world we live and work in. The forty-hour week is an illusion. Working time and free time have no clearly defined borders anymore. What does this mean for our private and professional lifes, for our well-being and balance? How can we get the reign over ‘our’ time back? And what is our time at all?



The Polish Milk Bar

One day we had lunch at a Milk Bar, a staterun canteen serving solid food. In the communist years of food shortages and endless queues the milk bars provided an affordable place for people to eat out. Many thought the milk bar’s days were numbered with the end of communism, but after more than a decade later, those that remain are carving out their own place in the country’s competitive catering marketplace.

Taking time for meals  – in this particular case also including the standing in line to place our orders, was a recurrent issue during Forum 6. In the planning as much as in the discussions, e.g. when we though about a time, which is not defined and measured by a running clock, but by other ‘means,’ such as the needs of the human body as an organism and a social being.

The Experiment of Collective Time-Giving

By Heidi Franke

The Forum 6 took place at BWA Dizajn gallery in the lovely polish city of Wroclaw. It was an intercultural meeting of designers, most of them either from Poland or Switzerland.

Dealing with the subject ‘deadline’, the forum became an experience and reflection episode about time in general.
During a workshop about time, some personal or social aspects of this subject were discovered and facets like punctuality, alternative ways of mesuring time or advantages and disadvantages of deadlines were discussed. The workshop ended even in the manipulation of time.

After having spoken about the stressfulness related to the term ‘deadline’, the members of the forum seemed to collectively reject this stress and the forum turned into an experiment of collective time-giving. The rejection of a time table given structure was also seen in the physical position the members have taken. Sitting, laying and lattering on chairs or the sofa fitted to the increasingly relaxed atmosphere. With this scenario in mind, one might think, that this forum was a waste of time and if you have an attitude towards the need of saving time, it probably was. But would you still have this attitude if you took part in Forum 6?  The experience of having time within and for a group of people, one doesn’t know, revealed that weather you waste time or spend it, depends on your perspective.