The Forum for an Attitude started in October 2015 as an exhibition at Vitra Design Museum Gallery in Weil am Rhein, Germany, and, at the same time, as a series of five Forums at Depot Basel in Basel, Switzerland. The project then has been adapted specifically for Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery in Wrocław, Poland and aims to travel to further places, continuing the dialogue about attitudes and contemporary design and living conditions.


24 positions – a selection of recent projects – presenting design as a versatile and societal discipline. Accompanying texts mirror the positions’ individual attitudes and the aims the authors pursue with their works. Hence the ‘typical exhibition visitor rarely views the work on display as a commodity’ (Boris Groys, ‘Politics of Installation,’ 2009), the projects are not physically present, but instead the work is a replica – a picture on a 1:1 scale.

The exhibition includes works by Pablo Calderón Salazar, Charlotte Dumoncel d’Argence, Julien Carretero, Annika Frye, Fixperts, Jasmina Grase & Nils Chudy, Tove Greitz, Joanne M.Hakkert, Jing He, Jesse Howard, Daniel Klapsing, Lina-Marie Koeppen, Myriam Marti & Nando Schmidlin, Lisa Ochsenbein, Alicia Ongay-Perez, Giacomo Piovan, Prooflab Magazine, Tobias Revell, Nektar Solomon, Michaela Tomiškova & Jakub Janďourek, Marjan van Aubel, Julia Van Zanten, Bob Vos, Mugi Yamamoto and Will Yates-Johnson.


More images of the opening of Forum für eine Haltung at Vitra Design Museum Gallery and the exhibition Forum Postaw at BWA Dizajn Gallery in Wroclaw can be found on our Facebook page.


An exhibition can only offer a snapshot of a certain theme – a subjective and edited version of content and time. Depot Basel wants to not only show design, but also take on the opportunity to develop it further. In our pursuit of the endeavor to break away from conventional ideas of collaboration and exchange we consider the gathering of people for collective dialogues and activities most important. We see it as an urgent matter to open designated spaces for friction, dialogue and experimentation: Forums to discuss the state of design and adjacent disciplines, to think about the roles of creative professionals and to formulate ideas.

Thus we gave all the participants of the exhibition of Forum for an Attitude the opportunity to deliberate their work and their convictions with other designers and non-designers during one of the Forums, topical multi-day encounters conducted at Depot Basel in Basel. Additional participants of the Forums were assembled via an open call.

The format of the Forum provides a space for a professional and friendly exchange between designers, non-designers, practitioners and thinkers for the development of ideas. They are an experiment, a physical space, in which attitudes take shape and networks evolve. Within a wide program, including for example collective readings, lectures, discussions, workshops, experiments, informal conversations, joint dinners and events for the general public, the topic of the Forum is explored, elaborated and developed.

Five forums on the topics of solidarity, visibility, intuition, knowledge and tools already took place at Depot Basel. The subject of ‘deadlines’ was the theme for the Forum 6 conducted at Dizajn BWA Wroclaw Gallery in July 2016.